The Pearl of Great Value

There is no doubt of its value and great fear of its loss Where is the kingdom? And what does it cost? Prophets of old foretold of its glory Jesus the saviour told us its story The pearl of great value it mustn’t be lost!    Sell your house Sell your land If it causes … Continue reading


      Sacred text Words on page Invocations Instructions Words obeyed Lifeless Powerless Cold   Born from closeness Innocent touch Soft Pure Wonderful A newborn child Hand in hand Holding Hugging Sacred text Warming Word in life Touch   The sacred text The words on page Love embodied in flesh Yours and mine Touch … Continue reading

The Yardstick

Metal teeth follow pencil line Sore knees Bad back Firetruck! Cut twice measure once Back he goes   Warmth envelopes bobbing body Naked knees exposed in icy cold Weightless comfort, eternal bliss Scrubbing toes Washing nose Fingers wrinkled, getting old   He is in She is out Religious men tend the nets Rotting flesh and … Continue reading

The Map

Turn around go back Wrong way, wrong track I know where I am going I hold the map Another dead end another trap Don’t worry I hold the map Praise God! A sign lets follow that whoops wrong way wrong track I hear a voice, a quiet still voice, lets follow that Another dead end … Continue reading

An “I am tired” Post

Hi again everyone…..I am still here. I haven’t posted in a while, my last post “the Poem”, was the end of the road for me. I started this blog with no idea where I was headed…..the poem was the destination. In the final lines of the verses I walk away from the church, I walk … Continue reading