As with any label slung
It is a tribal
A mortal
A carnal

There is a reversal to this
Supposed “rehearsal”

A clenching of teeth and plenty of gnashing

There is a hell
And there is a wrath
But who is doing the bashing?

The sinner is the sinner
Cause we label so well.

There is hope in this

God is Wrath against other


 God is love towards my brother.

The objects of wrath wield the Ace

But in reversal

The “Trump”

Is Grace

Welcome to part 2.

BEFORE I START – I think I must explain the title. It is possibly not self evident. I am not saying, you or any other person specifically is an asshole. Perhaps the easiest way to grasp my meaning is to insert the word sinner into the the title instead of asshole. The reason I have chosen the word asshole is because it better describes the nature of our sin. If I use the word sinner, one would go… “yeah, everyone is that…. but the nature of that sin would continue unnoticed”

“The rehearsal”  Have you ever heard of that term? Not all Christians use it as such, but the reality is that for us, this mortal life is of no value….. it is the eternal one that is the big performance.

What this means is that we become assholes – the priority is now to proclaim a convincing message to save as many souls as possible before God throws the remainder into hell.

Consequently Jesus entire ministry on earth has no value apart from appeasing God’s Blood lust.

Christians are literally afraid of what is labelled “a Social Gospel”.

Sorry guys, it is not important to fight against the inequality and the greed that our political and economic systems produce. It is not important to change the systems that tend to marginalize and place people at a disadvantage. It is not important to fight to protect our planet…… sorry Greta

Our priorities are screwed because our story is screwed.

The poem brought up many themes – if any touched your funny bone, feel free to comment.



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