Easter Inclusion

The Old Testament is all about exclusion, about holiness, about separation. Priests with disabilities were not allowed to offer sacrifices, the blind and mute were not allowed in the Temple. Women, children and Gentiles were also excluded. Interestingly, those with “crushed nuts”  or removed penises and those that were born Eunichs were also excluded from … Continue reading

Tapman “Comes Out” as a Prophet

Hi again reader, In the “About” page on this blog I title myself as a “self proclaimed” prophet. This isn’t entirely true – our congregation has run three “find your gift” programs of various kinds and all of them told me I was a teacher and a prophet. The interesting thing is that if you … Continue reading

Actions Speak Clearer Than Words

I did my apprenticeship with the “late” Mount Isa Mines Ltd. They have since been taken over by Xstrata but in the good ol’ days it was Mount Isa Mines. When my apprenticeship was over I received a tool kit to replace the one that I had used during my training. The major difference with … Continue reading

Me Tarzan You Jane

Kids can be cruel. I was cruel. I remember my sister and I were visiting family friends, not sure how old we were….young enough to play games. There was a tree out the back so we decided to play Tarzan. The game was working well until our friends little sister wanted to join the game. … Continue reading

We Have the Law and the Prophets

Hi again. I’ll jump straight into it and continue the “Gay debate”.  Would appreciate if you can stick around. One of the few arguments against Gay people is this one: “How can I possibly believe that after two thousand years of accepted exegesis we are suddenly wrong?” 1. The first thing I note about this … Continue reading

Stumbling Blocks

 I remember a few years ago I went to Fremantle to do some photography. I walked around aimlessly looking for a photo. Fremantle is a beautiful city that has preserved many of her old buildings, resulting in a place with plenty of character – but the lighting was crap. It was challenging to get a … Continue reading