A Poem

Finding Pasture I stand at the cemetry feeling out of place. The life of a man, a good man has come to an end. Downcast eyes, hurried greetings, hugs. A piper leads us towards the hall. Catholics buried here says the rusty sign. Lutherans buried here says another sign. Greek Orthodox here, the list goes … Continue reading

The Lie (Part 2)

Mornin’. This post continues to look at the depth of the lie – the complexity of the Matrix that keeps us from freedom. (Perhaps reading the first in this series will help….find it by clicking here.) Following a bible study that looked at the story of Nicodemus visiting ┬áJesus, I began to think about being … Continue reading

The Lie (Part 1)

Hi everyone, this post is a bit premature but was on a roll – the views presented in this post can be gut wrenching, particularly if you take the “red pill” that unplugs you from the matrix of deceit – If the truth is unattractive or frightening, it is still truth. For this reason I … Continue reading