Have any of you have heard of the missionary Heidi Baker? She is an absolute fruitcake, I watched a youtube video of her and was about to stop watching because her style was just a bit too weird for me, but then she said something about the “simplicity of love” – that was the title of her sermon. Maybe she isn’t such a nutter after all. I hope she doesn’t mind but I might borrow her title. This scrawny mangrove shoot in tidal mud is now titled “The Simplicity of Love”.

This photo has many memories attached to it. Firstly it reminds me of the time I was working away in Broome. But more importantly it reminds me of the first time I had a photo of mine up for criticism. It was only at the Kwinana Camera club with a handful of people huddled in a small room, but I thought I was going to die from nerves….well I exaggerate a little. I was however on the edge of my seat when the judge approached my photo and looked over his bifocals and ummed and aahed for an eternity. Eventually he said he loved the simplicity. I won first place and tried desperately to hide my smile in case I looked a little too excited.

In competition photography simplicity is often the answer, one point of interest, no distractions.

Is life any different?  Instead of getting bogged down on stuff, why not remember the simplicity of love.

Note:  Sorry Heidi, I’m pretty sure that you already know you are a fruit cake. I admire you for the love you show to the people of Mozambique.

3 Responses to “Love”
  1. Ruth says:

    K.I.S.S. – works in all areas of life!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Keep It Simple Stupid 😛

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