I have decided to embark on an epic journey of staggering distance which requires great strength, endurance and a determination beyond that of mortal man. It will have to be a journey taken in small sections. Stopping every now and again to catch ones breath and rest.

The topic too broad and complex to do in one small post….. there is just so much to say!

BEFORE I START – I think I must explain the title. It is possibly not self evident. I am not saying, you or any other person specifically is an asshole. Perhaps the easiest way to grasp my meaning is to insert the word sinner into the the title instead of asshole. The reason I have chosen the word asshole is because it better describes the nature of our sin. If I use the word sinner, one would go… “yeah, everyone is that…. but the nature of that sin would continue unnoticed”

Every trip needs to start somewhere – I will start “biblically”

I start by asking myself  “Am I an asshole?” (for those assholes that demand a scripture reference as proof – Matt. 7:5) or see my poem here

I acknowledge that the title is an asshole title.

I acknowledge I am an asshole.

The title is a deliberate swipe, designed for a reaction, designed to be noticed.

For some the journey will end here. And that is OK. When you are ready to believe the words we confess each week, you are welcome to rejoin the party.




God’s Command and Wrath

His enduring Word

A hammer

A two edged sword

A knife

Preparation for the healing balm of





For the un-churched, these words may seem a bit weird. Below I have provided an interpretation.

“If I don’t tell you that you are an asshole, how will you ever know and be healed?”

I think that is why Jesus says to start with yourself….

What we find is that the notion of Law and Gospel is an invitation to be an asshole.

There is a word used oft in the Bible – “deception”.

The journey I invite you on is one which seeks to uncover the ways in which we as Christians deceive ourselves.

Hope you can join me.






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