A beetle bumping a bottle

A Butterfly banging a bogus beauty

I am humping the real thing

I have the one true love

I certainly have

I have




Rubbing up against every leg it can find

Idolatry continues to satisfy the hearts of men

Like a dog

Religion mounts it’s god


Welcome to Part 4.

BEFORE I START – I think I must explain the title. It is possibly not self evident. I am not saying, you or any other person specifically is an asshole. Perhaps the easiest way to grasp my meaning is to insert the word sinner into the the title instead of asshole. The reason I have chosen the word asshole is because it better describes the nature of our sin. If I use the word sinner, one would go… “yeah, everyone is that…. but the nature of that sin would continue unnoticed”

Instincts, what comes naturally…. are so powerful that no matter if the real thing presents itself – the Jewel Beetle and the Butterfly will ignore the real thing in favor of the pattern that is ingrained into their being.

The reality is that we are animals. I know this is abhorrent to many Christians…. psychologically animal reminders scare us…. they remind us that we are going to die. Anthropologically mankind has developed ways in which to cope with death anxiety.

As briefly as possible and not going into the depths it deserves – we find safety in community and the stories we tell ourselves

And of course, the story I have is the ………. one true one.


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