My first digital camera had an 18mm – 200mm Tamron lens. In the true sense of the word I don’t think it was a macro lens but it did allow me to get quite close to the subject and still be in focus. I took several hundred photos of flowers at King’s park, this one was my favourite. I had it framed and hung it on a wall and I thought I’d enter it in a club competition.  I was all ready for some praising comments and perhaps even a placing, I was all ears as the judge scrutinized my work. “Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this photo?” he asked of the audience. After a moment of silence he picked up my photo and turned it around and said: “This is the way it is meant to be! The photographer has placed it in the matt the wrong way round.”


“What do you mean ‘meant to be’ I didn’t stand side ways to take the photo! This is how I found it! This is HOW IT IS!” Rage would closely describe the emotion I felt that night. Just my luck the judge knew something about flowers. Apparently Kangaroo Paws don’t grow in the direction I had photographed it in, so it didn’t look quite right to the judge. It is only now, years after this most traumatic experience that I can begin to see what the judge was saying. I think a photographer needs to sometimes separate himself from his work and look at it without the emotional attachment. Is there anything distracting in the photo? Could I improve the composition? Is the focus in the right place? Or as in this instance, perhaps a little research would have helped. (research probably wouldn’t have helped, I liked it the other way)

Please note the moral of this story – It is all about bigotry – we are all prone to it. We easily get offended if someone calls us a bigot, truth is we all have it.

One Response to “Bigotry”
  1. Ruth says:

    oh Tapio…..I understand your anger…how can a photo be wrong?? it is REAL!!! LOL who cares what angle the poor flower had fallen to on that day – I think photography is an art and therefore cannot be wrong AND it is an exact interpretation of what you saw on the day…….sigh

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