The image above was a “Wow” moment for me. In some ways it was like going back to being a child who actually sees things. As adults we don’t look, we don’t notice.

Macro photography gives a perspective that we don’t generally see. I had this image framed and hung on a wall. In the landscape format.

It was not until a flower expert and photographic judge pointed out that Kangaroo Paws do not grow that way, that I realized there was something wrong with my photo.

When I say realized, I mean I became agitated and angry. My favorite photo was being criticized and I was clearly right. It is not until years later that I can look at this photo and admit to seeing that I was wrong.

Bigotry is like this. It seems so right.

It is something we all have in varying degrees. Religion, in my case Christianity, tends to breed it. We are taught a way of seeing and it is damned near impossible to turn around.

But turn around we must.

And here is the image turned around, like nature intended it.




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  1. oh Tapio…..I understand your anger…how can a photo be wrong?? it is REAL!!! LOL who cares what angle the poor flower had fallen to on that day – I think photography is an art and therefore cannot be wrong AND it is an exact interpretation of what you saw on the day…….sigh

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