In photography there are certain rules to follow in achieving what could be called a good image. For example, the image should be in focus, the point of interest should not be centered – eg. “rule of thirds”, the highlights or shadows should not be lost, etc.

The interesting thing about rules is that once you have mastered them – they are meant to be broken. A while ago I entered a photography challenge which had the theme as “breaking the rules”. The idea was to take an image successfully – with the condition that one or more of the golden rules was broken. Here was my entry.

That’s no good! ……The horizon is crooked!

My intention was to accentuate the action by purposely tilting the horizon.

We live in a world of tilted horizons. I think it is worth pondering whether we look at some people and think “something is not real straight about him or her” and think to ourselves; “That person needs to be fixed”. I think we need to think long and hard whether we need to straighten a horizon that God the master photographer designed.

Perhaps we need to see the beauty of God’s creation in the different people around us.

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