I am safe

Within the crib

Dare I move

Over the edge?

The boogie man under the bed

Ready to pounce

Eat my legs


Welcome to Part 3.

BEFORE I START – I think I must explain the title. It is possibly not self evident. I am not saying, you or any other person specifically is an asshole. Perhaps the easiest way to grasp my meaning is to insert the word sinner into the the title instead of asshole. The reason I have chosen the word asshole is because it better describes the nature of our sin. If I use the word sinner, one would go… “yeah, everyone is that…. but the nature of that sin would continue unnoticed”

“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”

In the book of Numbers it talks about a “Blood Avenger”. This scary sounding person was allowed by law to seek vengeance for a murder.

Six cities were labelled as “cities of refuge” — for those people running away from the “Blood Avenger”.  This was to protect the wrongly accused.

As long as this person stayed within the city walls, that person was safe. If he strayed outside of these walls the Blood Avenger was free to kill him.

Christianity has turned the Gospel upside down.

Jesus is said to be the city of refuge, as long as we remain in him, we are safe. If we stray from this city, beware, the avenger of blood awaits to seek just retribution.

Jesus’ message to us was, do not be afraid.

This message got lost in translation, we are once again trapped within walls in fear. The city boundaries defined by Law. The Law defined by the Powers that Be.

There is a  safety in community, and it is not readily apparent that we are living in fear. I think most of us would deny it. But I suggest living on the boundaries for awhile, perhaps even venture outside….. and you will feel it.

……. Dare I ask who is the boogie man that we fear?

Numbers 35: 6-33 is where the Blood Avenger is found – the common translation of Jesus as refuge from an avenging god is as immature and as abusive as is the Bogey Man.






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