The Shoe

One thing I really enjoyed when I first got a digital SLR was looking at the world from a different viewpoint. Seeing as though I am talking about shoes I thought I’d include this image of mine. If you hadn’t noticed, I finished looking at Bill Muehlenbergs book – mainly because I am a lazy … Continue reading

Snot Anyone?

I wonder how many people would continue to eat at a restaurant after seeing the Chef have a quick nose pick? The wider church has learnt an embarrassing lesson a little too late. The Catholic Church (among others) was not keen to expose internal problems and dealt with abuse issues internally. Often cases were covered … Continue reading

Pastoral Care or “Pastoral Care” ?

I happen to believe that the “church” is a good thing. I mentioned in my first post that God loves his Church. Pastors generally have a love for people and work tirelessly in the area of “Pastoral Care”, shepherding, giving guidance. A definition for pastoral says : adj. of or relating to, or used for … Continue reading

Mister Fix-It Man

I feel a bit sorry that I advertised this post as a “mega post” ‘cause now that I am sitting down to copy and paste the words from my mind onto the screen ……nothing is happening. I guess I have a lot to say and don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll start with … Continue reading

The Cunning Plan

A continuation of my critical look at Bill Muehlenberg’s anti-gay book. I mentioned earlier that his book reads like a propaganda/conspiracy theory. If you take in his scathing “profile of a homosexual” you would be fearful as he gives examples of “the homosexual agenda”. But each time this happens it is worth stepping back and … Continue reading

Born that Way?

…….a continuation of my critique of Bill Muehlenberg’s book about why homosexuality is bad. Quote from the book: “If the homosexual lobby is willing to use faulty statistics to support its cause, just how reliable is it in other areas” Bill Muehlenberg Well the next chapter I discuss will cast a huge shadow on the … Continue reading

Profile of a Homosexual

Hi again….If you have been following my posts you would already know that I am writing about a book written by Bill Muehlenberg which discusses homosexuality.  I am very concerned about the content and feel that something needs to be said.  Please take the time to read on and perhaps read previous posts. “Strained Relations” … Continue reading

Fact or Fiction

As promised here is my first Post on Bill Muehlenberg’s book :  “Strained Relations. The challenge of homosexuality”. Bill is an influential person, he flew into Perth not that long ago for some speaking engagements. You may have read about the protests in the paper. Influential people need to be held accountable for what they … Continue reading

Blessings and Curses

Martin Luther did many great things. Like normal people he did some dumb things as well. Have a read of some of his words. In his Treatise “On the Jews and their lies” Section XI of the treatise he advises Christians to carry out seven remedial actions. These are for Jewish synagogues and schoolsl to be … Continue reading

Empathy: A missing ingredient

Marjorie:  You never tell me that you love me Frank! Frank: That’s just not true I told you last week and the week before that! Frank missed the point, Marjorie wanted to feel his closeness, maybe a hug, she wanted to be assured that he loved and cherished her. With all the life stuff he … Continue reading