Parallel lines deep in the mud Wheels In a rut Travelled too far now No going back Bogged On the track   Darkness descends The mocking laughter of toads and frogs Kneedeep kneedeep And Bogged Bogged Bogged   The sun rises All mocking stopped Salvation A bright coloured Rainbow truck   The beast The wagon … Continue reading

The Packaging Destroyed

    Restore to me the joy of your salvation   Words   Deceived into believing That I know Simple Clean Separate In a row   Like plasticine The smell A seven course meal Seven simple words Yet They are so far away Can I ever Really be four?   Soldiers in uniform All in … Continue reading

The Lie (Part 2)

Mornin’. This post continues to look at the depth of the lie – the complexity of the Matrix that keeps us from freedom. (Perhaps reading the first in this series will help….find it by clicking here.) Following a bible study that looked at the story of Nicodemus visiting  Jesus, I began to think about being … Continue reading

The Lie (Part 1)

Hi everyone, this post is a bit premature but was on a roll – the views presented in this post can be gut wrenching, particularly if you take the “red pill” that unplugs you from the matrix of deceit – If the truth is unattractive or frightening, it is still truth. For this reason I … Continue reading