The Map

Turn around go back

Wrong way, wrong track

I know where I am going I hold the map

Another dead end another trap

Don’t worry I hold the map

Praise God!

A sign lets follow that

whoops wrong way wrong track

I hear a voice, a quiet still voice, lets follow that

Another dead end another trap

Don’t worry I hold the map

The map can’t be wrong, it doesn’t lie

Crap, I hit my head.

Another ditch, on my bum

Turn around go back don’t stress I hold the map

Bump, bump, crash bang, the endless noise of a church gone wrong.

The blind leading the blind and they just can’t see

Its not a map, fold it up

Raise your eyes and you will see


    1. Glad someone appreciated it – it’s like I am on a different planet – tapman and poetry don’t belong in the same sentence. Cheers.

    1. I read a bit of poetry on another blog after posting this and felt a bit “inadequate” so I am glad you saw something in it. I think I have found something new…..poetry, wish there was money in it.

      1. Well Tapman and poetry were a good match in this post. Keep on writing poetry, one never knows, your hidden talent may be discovered by some editor of a famous publishing house and you could be doing this for a living before you know it :-D.
        Anyway, I liked it

    1. I hope you don’t mind if I don’t give a black or white answer, the poem is meant to make the reader think and decide.

      I am not saying it is a parable, but in a similar vein it tries to say – “…whoever has ears let him hear”

      1. And that is the beauty of parables, which is why Jesus used them all the time.

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