Nudism – The Way of Jesus

I’ll start with a simple question. The answer is actually quite obvious and opens up the topic of this post. When engaging in Spiritual Warfare – or put another way – When engaging with the Serpent that was mentioned in the story of Adam and Eve, where is the battle fought? Quite simply, the battle … Continue reading

It is Time to Get a Porcupine…(sorry meant Concubine)

Ages back I wrote an offensive poem – so offensive it got moderated out of a Lutheran site that apparently welcomed different viewpoints – the poem can be found here. The poem explores my struggles to read the atrocities of the Old Testament. It is my opinion that we don’t fully acknowledge the stuff that … Continue reading

I Want Another Turn! Slippery Slides are Fun!

The thing about slippery slopes is that they are fun – the height may be fearful at first and the results unknown – but at the park with your Dad, it is meant to be fun. I have taken the slippery slope – I made the statement the other day that Adam and Eve are … Continue reading

The Metaphor of Adam and Eve

A lot has happened this week… my mind anyways. A few things have challenged me – firstly I seen a facebook post of the Gosford churches welcome sign which said “God bless the Burqa”. I did a double look because I respect a lot of what goes onto these billboards (if I ever go that … Continue reading

Here Come the Owls!

Dear reader, as you are aware, for a couple of weeks I have been persisting with an analogy using the Harry Potter story. Uptil now I haven’t had a problem, in fact I am quite excited by the concept because I know what comes next…..the owls. The problem is that early on in my ponderings … Continue reading

Let’s look into the “Good Book” for guidance!

Today I thought I’d begin by drawing from the “good book”, seek inspiration from the book that every Christian should have read. I am of course talking about Harry Potter. Jesus was a story teller – I’m not great with stories but when I hear a good one I think about it for a long … Continue reading