Nudism – The Way of Jesus

I’ll start with a simple question. The answer is actually quite obvious and opens up the topic of this post. When engaging in Spiritual Warfare – or put another way – When engaging with the Serpent that was mentioned in the story of Adam and Eve, where is the battle fought? Quite simply, the battle … Continue reading

Let’s Have Ourselve’s an Exorcism

What does a Church Leadership meeting and an exorcism have in common?¬†Quite a lot really. When I first joined a leadership team some twenty plus years ago, I was warned that in doing so I would experience “Satanic Oppression”. It was explained to me that because I was now going to be doing the work … Continue reading

Under the Stairs

Thinking about my last post, I wonder how I came across, how someone else would hear it? ¬†“All of us need to discover our identity” Mmmm….. Lots of people talk about going on a quest to find themselves and I guess it is important to find out who you are and be yourself, rather than … Continue reading