Parallel lines deep in the mud Wheels In a rut Travelled too far now No going back Bogged On the track   Darkness descends The mocking laughter of toads and frogs Kneedeep kneedeep And Bogged Bogged Bogged   The sun rises All mocking stopped Salvation A bright coloured Rainbow truck   The beast The wagon … Continue reading

I Want Another Turn! Slippery Slides are Fun!

The thing about slippery slopes is that they are fun – the height may be fearful at first and the results unknown – but at the park with your Dad, it is meant to be fun. I have taken the slippery slope – I made the statement the other day that Adam and Eve are … Continue reading

The Opponent

Outside of religion Removed from the board I see sin as the pawns That we kill in vain Pawns on a chess board part of a game Death makes its move and thousands a slain Slaves to this power and moved by this will Pawns being the enemy that we are taught to kill   Religion a … Continue reading


I think I need to be blunt – say it straight out – There is absolutely nothing wrong with emotions!!!!!! There is this idea that has snuck into the Lutheran circles that emotions are “Bad”, emotions are not to be trusted. I tried to explain this in a couple of posts and also in a … Continue reading

More Owls!

It’s the morning of the first day of the year, most of you are probably still asleep as I write this…….I’ll tap the keys lightly so as not to wake you, although if you have a hangover – NO SYMPATHY – sorry that wasn’t very nice. It took me many years to figure out that … Continue reading