In the Image of our Saviour…….

The last post was heading here, to this spot….. In the image of Man, God was created is a primer and can be found here . It finishes with a question which ponders how we can expose deception. Firstly I might describe what deception looks like, because it is quite hard to find it in ourselves – … Continue reading

More Sugar Please

Buzzing flies  Brown  Soft steamy shit It will taste better if I add some sugar I’ve heard about polishing terds…. But would I eat it?   Why don’t I consider a healthy alternative? Is there real safety in being conservative? Why do I swallow what shouldn’t be et? Anything other considered a threat!   It was … Continue reading

An “I am tired” Post

Hi again everyone…..I am still here. I haven’t posted in a while, my last post “the Poem”, was the end of the road for me. I started this blog with no idea where I was headed…..the poem was the destination. In the final lines of the verses I walk away from the church, I walk … Continue reading

Me Tarzan You Jane

Kids can be cruel. I was cruel. I remember my sister and I were visiting family friends, not sure how old we were….young enough to play games. There was a tree out the back so we decided to play Tarzan. The game was working well until our friends little sister wanted to join the game. … Continue reading

Blessings and Curses

Martin Luther did many great things. Like normal people he did some dumb things as well. Have a read of some of his words. In his Treatise “On the Jews and their lies” Section XI of the treatise he advises Christians to carry out seven remedial actions. These are for Jewish synagogues and schoolsl to be … Continue reading