Thinking About Thinking

Today it seems appropriate to continue on the thread of self and hone in on that thing I called “internal dialogue” in my previous post. I would describe this as the stuff that goes on in my own head – the stuff that I think I am. worry dialogue hate dialogue religious dialogue self-esteem dialogue gender specific dialogue The … Continue reading

The Three Wise Men From the East

This Christmas I made a special note of something I have not given much thought in previous years.  Wise men coming from the East. I think this is a significant bit of information, perhaps information we choose to leave in the recesses of our mind. What does this say? It doesn’t say that all people … Continue reading

Mary Mary Quite Contrary – How Does Your Garden Grow?

“….. I have told you about earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you about heavenly things?” John 3:12 In the book of Acts there is an account given of the arrest of Paul (Acts22:22 onwards) If we read this as a pure historical account we might think … Continue reading

You Must Be Born Again

One thing I have often wondered about is this term – “being born again” We are two thousand years down the track…surely we understand what it is, why even question it? I am increasingly convinced that we have no idea! Unknown to most of us –  how we think about the Gospel has been shaped by … Continue reading

Consolation – and Other Big Words

Good Morning World! Some of you may know that I work as an electrician. The other day our work group received a complaint that we had left a whole pile of screws on the ground in the vicinity of a project we had completed. Had I been in charge of this job I don’t think … Continue reading

The Psychology of Religion Part 2

Hi again!  This post is the last in a series of four – It all began when I found a couple of books by a Christian Psychologist. “Unclean” and “The Authenticity of Faith” by Richard Beck. I have found the journey interesting, hopefully I have been clear in my presentation and you have been able … Continue reading

The Psychology of Religion

Hi again – It’s Saturday again. My last post was different to most.  In dismay I responded to a deletion warning on a site that was set up for the express purpose of discussion – which includes the discussion of  contoversial issues. Dismay that they would in fact stifle and censor one side of an … Continue reading

The Threat of Deletion

Hi again – it’s Saturday! I have made Saturday morning my Posting day – I got up early, entirely unsure about what to blog about until I received a threat of deletion. It’s not the first time – I had another thread deleted because I had some “unauthorized” links in them. I was asked by … Continue reading

The Privy Tower

The Holy Spirit inspired our Leader while he was having a crap. As you might be aware, if you read my previous posts – I have been reading a book about the psychology of disgust – In the final chapters it goes into depth about “animal reminders” and how we don’t like them.  The above … Continue reading

That’s Disgusting!

Last week I received a Haggis as a gift. A Haggis is a sheeps heart, liver and lungs encased in a sheeps stomach. I confess, for the last few days I have been pondering the delicacy and how I am going to devour it. My latest plan is to encourage a bit of “dutch courage”, … Continue reading