I am a Bigot But Don’t Admit It

A symbol on my forehead And a sign on my hand A relay baton My world view The unmoving bigot The prejudice within We all have a baton But don’t admit it We call it “faith” And we pass it on Thus Mistakes of the past Come around on the track It is way to … Continue reading

Actions Speak Clearer Than Words

I did my apprenticeship with the “late” Mount Isa Mines Ltd. They have since been taken over by Xstrata but in the good ol’ days it was Mount Isa Mines. When my apprenticeship was over I received a tool kit to replace the one that I had used during my training. The major difference with … Continue reading

A Quicky

Hey all, Just a quick Sunday morning post! I have always been under the impression that when our Pastors went to seminary they were challenged in what they believe to be true, I thought they open mindedly looked at different opinions and learned how to think and learn without pre-concieved ideas. I think the stories … Continue reading