The Ooga Booga God and the Faraway Tree

In the stories of the Faraway Tree, there is a land called Topsy Turvy Land. I once addressed children with this story in mind and described how God is often “Topsy Turvy” to how we think. This post is going to take you to this land….. Ooga Booga god is a term I came up … Continue reading

Sacrifice or “Sacrifice” Which is it?

As much as is revealed is also hidden Mystery shrouds the message of heaven Life A journey travelled in two distinct parts The Old The New The priest at the altar with his words to share The innocent Lamb The pure white dove Christ A sacrifice for god above A beautiful mother nursing babe Communion … Continue reading

The Lie (Part 2)

Mornin’. This post continues to look at the depth of the lie – the complexity of the Matrix that keeps us from freedom. (Perhaps reading the first in this series will help….find it by clicking here.) Following a bible study that looked at the story of Nicodemus visiting ┬áJesus, I began to think about being … Continue reading