THE BONDAGE OF THE WILL The stallion The powerful majestic Beast Broken by rider As one they are free The Word Confessions and creeds are woven into The saddle Thus Resting on truth From the saddle of knowing The reins Pulled by me This the illusion believes Yes I am free Bit and bridle Reins and … Continue reading

Violence is for Pussies

Ladies – this post is not directed at you – but read on anyway, I think it worth hearing. Men are fragile, violent men are absolute pussies! To prove my point I want to explore some information that was given to me by a Pastor – maybe even thirty years ago – I wasn’t just … Continue reading

The Metaphor of Adam and Eve

A lot has happened this week… my mind anyways. A few things have challenged me – firstly I seen a facebook post of the Gosford churches welcome sign which said “God bless the Burqa”. I did a double look because I respect a lot of what goes onto these billboards (if I ever go that … Continue reading

Salvation? From the Jews?

  Salvation will come from the Jews! A simple enough statement don’t you think? I have been re-thinking this simple statement. What does salvation mean? Does it come from the Jews? My initial way of looking at this was to simply say that Jesus was a Jew and salvation therefore came from the Jews. And … Continue reading

The Privy Tower

The Holy Spirit inspired our Leader while he was having a crap. As you might be aware, if you read my previous posts – I have been reading a book about the psychology of disgust – In the final chapters it goes into depth about “animal reminders” and how we don’t like them.  The above … Continue reading

We Have the Law and the Prophets

Hi again. I’ll jump straight into it and continue the “Gay debate”.  Would appreciate if you can stick around. One of the few arguments against Gay people is this one: “How can I possibly believe that after two thousand years of accepted exegesis we are suddenly wrong?” 1. The first thing I note about this … Continue reading

Lutheran – Primitive Religion (Part 2)

Hi again – I just want to return to a topic I brought up a few posts ago. The full post can be found here. “Some anthropologists have suggested that religions were created to give humans a feeling of security in an inherently insecure universe. Primitive humans were the first species to be aware of … Continue reading

Blessings and Curses

Martin Luther did many great things. Like normal people he did some dumb things as well. Have a read of some of his words. In his Treatise “On the Jews and their lies” Section XI of the treatise he advises Christians to carry out seven remedial actions. These are for Jewish synagogues and schoolsl to be … Continue reading