Fear and Hate in Disguise

OUR HATE EXPOSED Fear And Hate Disguised Gliding gracefully under the radar of human consciousness Like an old friend we greet them with a kiss and reminisce of moments shared Old stories Precious moments Fear and hate disguised Love the sinner hate the sin Speak the truth in love We can still love and Believe … Continue reading


My last couple of posts have been like a whirlwind for me – I know that some people following along who don’t know my background or the background of the Lutheran Church of Australia may have looked at my post a bit perplexed as to what exactly am I talking about. A tiny bit of … Continue reading

The Natural Order

Hi again world – I hope I didn’t scare you with my last post. I was getting a bit paranoid. The “amount of views” meter shows that not many people were interested. This may or may not be the case, I just often wonder why sometimes no one looks. My thoughts have remained on the … Continue reading


    Proof texts like bullets penetrate flesh An ugly distortion Of sacred text   Words are the bullets   Your right to bear arms   Find the words Remember the verses   Safety off Bang   Your dead   Sola Scriptura It only takes one bullet ———————————- This poem was a hearfelt sadness that … Continue reading

Urgent Safety Announcement

The manufacturer would like to make an urgent safety announcement.Please be advised that a defect has been identified near the “Central Processing Unit” of the brain. (CPU for short) During commissioning the Chief Engineer designed a bypass valve next to the CPU. This valve was a safety initiative installed as a  measure to alleviate undue … Continue reading

The Privy Tower

The Holy Spirit inspired our Leader while he was having a crap. As you might be aware, if you read my previous posts – I have been reading a book about the psychology of disgust – In the final chapters it goes into depth about “animal reminders” and how we don’t like them.  The above … Continue reading

Stumbling Blocks

 I remember a few years ago I went to Fremantle to do some photography. I walked around aimlessly looking for a photo. Fremantle is a beautiful city that has preserved many of her old buildings, resulting in a place with plenty of character – but the lighting was crap. It was challenging to get a … Continue reading

Expensive Trousers???

I begin by making an apology – I am about to ruin a worship song for you. Quite a few years ago a Pastor/friend told us how he had never liked the song “As the Deer Pants”, my wife and I made the mistake of asking him why. Whenever he sang the song he could … Continue reading

Lets Do the Twist

Continuing with my perusal of Mike Semmlers paper that was part of the 2012 ILC Conference in Canada. In a section titled “How are we listening to scripture” he says: “We ourselves or even a group of us cannot be the measure of what is truth. God’s Word is truth beyond us and the relativism … Continue reading

Homosexuality or Hospitality – That is the question!

Continuing with my thoughts and opinions that flow from Mike Semmlers paper that was part of the ILC Conference 2012 in Canada. (International Lutheran Council) Mike Semmler includes his submission to parliament concerning the changes to the marriage act. I won’t delve into this part too deeply – it has already been done well by … Continue reading