Parallel lines deep in the mud Wheels In a rut Travelled too far now No going back Bogged On the track   Darkness descends The mocking laughter of toads and frogs Kneedeep kneedeep And Bogged Bogged Bogged   The sun rises All mocking stopped Salvation A bright coloured Rainbow truck   The beast The wagon … Continue reading


My last couple of posts have been like a whirlwind for me – I know that some people following along who don’t know my background or the background of the Lutheran Church of Australia may have looked at my post a bit perplexed as to what exactly am I talking about. A tiny bit of … Continue reading

The Natural Order

Hi again world – I hope I didn’t scare you with my last post. I was getting a bit paranoid. The “amount of views” meter shows that not many people were interested. This may or may not be the case, I just often wonder why sometimes no one looks. My thoughts have remained on the … Continue reading


    Proof texts like bullets penetrate flesh An ugly distortion Of sacred text   Words are the bullets   Your right to bear arms   Find the words Remember the verses   Safety off Bang   Your dead   Sola Scriptura It only takes one bullet ———————————- This poem was a hearfelt sadness that … Continue reading

That’s Disgusting!

Last week I received a Haggis as a gift. A Haggis is a sheeps heart, liver and lungs encased in a sheeps stomach. I confess, for the last few days I have been pondering the delicacy and how I am going to devour it. My latest plan is to encourage a bit of “dutch courage”, … Continue reading

Actions Speak Clearer Than Words

I did my apprenticeship with the “late” Mount Isa Mines Ltd. They have since been taken over by Xstrata but in the good ol’ days it was Mount Isa Mines. When my apprenticeship was over I received a tool kit to replace the one that I had used during my training. The major difference with … Continue reading

We Have the Law and the Prophets

Hi again. I’ll jump straight into it and continue the “Gay debate”.  Would appreciate if you can stick around. One of the few arguments against Gay people is this one: “How can I possibly believe that after two thousand years of accepted exegesis we are suddenly wrong?” 1. The first thing I note about this … Continue reading

Questions Get Too Hard

Hi again. I’ve decided to copy and paste these comments as a Post because some people do not read the comments section. Rather than repeat myself later I have take the path of least resistance and created a post with the click of a button. Gotta love copy and paste. If you haven’t read the … Continue reading

He Who Must Not Be Named

I sit here at the keyboard once again with writers block. I had a vague idea of what I was going to write and I thought it would get clearer as time progressed. Well guess what….time has progressed and it hasn’t. I kinda promised I would name our enemy. I think I may as well … Continue reading

Sign of the Times

I don’t know what school was like for you, but I went to a pretty rough school. Fights were pretty common. But there were unwritten rules of conduct. For instance if someone was on the ground it wasn’t considered polite to sink the boot in. Those were the good old days… it seems its OK … Continue reading