Fear and Hate in Disguise

OUR HATE EXPOSED Fear And Hate Disguised Gliding gracefully under the radar of human consciousness Like an old friend we greet them with a kiss and reminisce of moments shared Old stories Precious moments Fear and hate disguised Love the sinner hate the sin Speak the truth in love We can still love and Believe … Continue reading

I am a Bigot But Don’t Admit It

A symbol on my forehead And a sign on my hand A relay baton My world view The unmoving bigot The prejudice within We all have a baton But don’t admit it We call it “faith” And we pass it on Thus Mistakes of the past Come around on the track It is way to … Continue reading

The Scapegoat

A crowd has gathered around a young man. They push him to the ground, they spit on him. A few people take turns at hitting him with sticks. He doesn’t fight back, he curls up at the side of the dusty road in a foetal position. A man kicks him in the back, then plants … Continue reading


    Dry lips Cracked and swollen Loves soft kiss   Stolen   Empty words Croaked not spoken Hard scaled hands clenched in fist   Water – once expelled is called spit   Gay or straight Arab or Swiss Humanity adored Humanity restored   Love inclusive   God and man in natures soft warm kiss … Continue reading

The Apple and The Tree

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree What is the apple and what is the tree? The tree is my father and the apple is me                         Racism            Sexism                   … Continue reading

An “I am tired” Post

Hi again everyone…..I am still here. I haven’t posted in a while, my last post “the Poem”, was the end of the road for me. I started this blog with no idea where I was headed…..the poem was the destination. In the final lines of the verses I walk away from the church, I walk … Continue reading

Sign of the Times

I don’t know what school was like for you, but I went to a pretty rough school. Fights were pretty common. But there were unwritten rules of conduct. For instance if someone was on the ground it wasn’t considered polite to sink the boot in. Those were the good old days…..now it seems its OK … Continue reading