The Packaging Destroyed

    Restore to me the joy of your salvation   Words   Deceived into believing That I know Simple Clean Separate In a row   Like plasticine The smell A seven course meal Seven simple words Yet They are so far away Can I ever Really be four?   Soldiers in uniform All in … Continue reading

The Psychology of Religion Part 2

Hi again!  This post is the last in a series of four – It all began when I found a couple of books by a Christian Psychologist. “Unclean” and “The Authenticity of Faith” by Richard Beck. I have found the journey interesting, hopefully I have been clear in my presentation and you have been able … Continue reading

The Psychology of Religion

Hi again – It’s Saturday again. My last post was different to most.  In dismay I responded to a deletion warning on a site that was set up for the express purpose of discussion – which includes the discussion of  contoversial issues. Dismay that they would in fact stifle and censor one side of an … Continue reading