Sorry guys, no sex here. Just an experiment to see if I get more hits with an interesting title.

The photo is all about being different. From the schoolyard up it is not a good idea to stand out from the crowd. Bullies are attracted to the red just like a mad bull.

Do you know there are gay people who are members of the LCA, there are gay people who are employed by the LCA. More often than not they are not free to be who they are, they are forced to live a lie. They would lose their jobs, or lose any chance of promotion if anyone found out…..this is discrimination at its worst. This has to stop, you are a bully Lutheran Church of Australia.


    1. If you are Gay and you can not openly admit you are Gay because this will adversely affect your employment prospects or positions within the church this is called discrimination. They are therefore forced to pretend they are not Gay. A gay person that pretends to be healed would probably be allowed to work in the church but again this would be a lie

      1. Your description of the situation seems to not agree with what that website reports, but Ive not been in contact with the LCOA, so I dont know which of you are correct.
        I do note though that the reverse is also true. IE a conservative Christian would likely find their religious position would adversely affect their employment prospects or positions within an organisation that was focused on normalisation of homosexuality.

      2. It is not a matter of who is correct – I am saying they are discriminating based on Gender and this is unfair. As far as the link you read, it is referring to a document that was written over thirty years ago and is not officially the LCA statement – not advertised anyway. They are currently in discussion – I am helping them by giving an alternative view point. Although I doubt any of them are reading my blog.

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