I like to think I listen

I like to think I am a seeker

Some times I am

But other times not


This blog is my backslide into the abyss


Theopoetics – I didn’t know it had a name.


A large portion of my blog is poetry that challenges and criticizes dogma and current theology within the Lutheran Church of Australia. (and the wider Evangelical narrative in general) If your interest is in God, and the theology that searches for Him….. this is the blog for you.


  1. Hey tap man, aren’t you supposed to write something every day so that we can read more of your thoughts? you’ve got my attention, now what?

    1. At present I am agonizing about what direction the blog is to take I started with a general goal but no real idea of how to achieve it – I have my next post in my head but have to go to work on a saturday 😦 stay tuned

  2. Hi Tap Man. Maybe you are a Tap where it’s at. The “Water of Life” works with Taps..someone to flow through. Yeah?
    Religious Leaders love to be THE tap….i.e. the one true tap. Nothing has changed for thousands of years there. Trouble is the water of life gets mixed with the water of the law which don’t do it for me. The religious leaders like to shut other taps off. It takes guts to be a Tapman.
    I have read a lot on comparative religions & too realise that Br Martin did not get it all right. Best to concentrate on what he did get right eh?
    Re listening to God…..I could talk to you all day about that one.
    I do not think Br Martin listened too well on the Semetic question.
    I do not think that some religious leaders are listening too well on sexuality either.
    Good Grace to you in your Blog.
    p.s. loved tapioca when I was a kid.

  3. I’m blogging my way through The Bible’s story in 2013. I think hearing God IS a “community thing,” so I’d be pleased if you would stop by.

    Welcome to anyone who has profound spiritual experiences with a numb bum at a U2 concert.

  4. I do not agree with your line about people exaggerating about hearing God. They hear from Him through His word and sacraments of Baptism, Absolution and the Lord’s Supper… they hear from Him in their answered prayer… and in the very life they walk with Him.

    It takes the ears of faith – of trusting in a God whose work is exposed in all of creation.. Whose work is seen in the baptism of an infant, in the feeding of a feast to young and old….. In the gathering of saints, We see that communication as a dieing person knows a peace that overcomes pain and experiences joy…

    God does speak – and far more often than you give credit – people hear…

    1. Thank you for commenting – I agree, God does speak. But I also believe people do not want to hear, I also believe that people extract what they want to hear from the scriptures – I believe you have heard what I am saying but not sure you have listened. I am a justified sinner also – cheers.

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