In The Image of Man God is Created

Hi again world – two things inspired me to post again – it has been a while.

Firstly I read a comment by some random (sorry if it is you…. by random I mean I don’t remember who) The comment mentioned a  “deconstruction phase” of  faith.

Secondly – not long after this I read this about Dawkins: “Dawkins is only doing what every human feels an inherent need to do–ground his identity in a narrative that makes sense of the world, and then validate that narrative by getting as many people as possible to assent to it.”

These two things resonated with me. Am I in this phase of my Faith? Am I re-constructing a narrative that makes sense to me? Am I narcissistic and need my narrative validated? One could say, I sometimes overthink things.

If you have read some of my poetry (and I encourage you to do so), you will see a dark undertone – a deconstruction – to enter into the poems can be terrifying.

I think this deconstruction is terrifying… well I know it is. Is this the Terror that God desires? – us letting go of our own “life” ? (I think this a big part of Jesus teaching about losing our own life to find it) After all, is not our life –  a construction of memories and experiences which create the narrative we call me. Is not being born again – returning to a point where no construction work has been done.

Or does God terrify us with the law and fear of eternal punishment?

The good news can be summed up in this simple evangelistic statement –

“INFIDEL GO TO HELL” (must be shouted – what glorious good news)

The terror of torment and the wrath of God – the catalyst for repentance and turning to the one who saves. With all the dressings removed, this is what the gospel comes down to.

There is nothing different or new in this religion. It is the same thought that has prevailed in all of the worlds religions. A sacrifice to pay the price, to appease the wrath.

What Christianity says is that God demanded a perfect sacrifice – the hundreds of thousands of animals sacrificed only held back the wrath temporarily. Jesus was once and for all.

So we see that instilling fear in the lives of unbelievers is a good thing – what else will lead to Christ?  Religion is thus the comfort and motivation we have to continue with our terror campaigns.

A fear based religion

A wrathful, violent God.

It doesn’t take much….. If one is willing – to see that – in the image of man, God is created.

The reality is much like white washed tombs. We are blind and see our selves as agents of love – and we are in a sense – it is love that compels us to reach out with our gospel. We want to save as many as possible, from the wrath to come.

But the insipid lie remains – we project our own violence, anger, and wrath onto this thing we call God. We have found the perfect place to hide the darkness within.

We are no different to the terrorist whose weapon is fear – we just allow our god with a small  “g” to detonate the bomb.

In summary: I have been pondering about “terror” – it seems we need something to break us out of this hiding place – this place where we feel safe. Is fear a good motivator? Does it produce good fruit? I would say no….it keeps the lie of self intact. What are the things that might help us out of our deception?


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