The Beast

Salivating and hungry

The old Dragon

The spiritual beast

Roams freely



We are its minions

We are its slaves

A growl from the beast

a hiss to obey

We tighten the shackles

And worship his Laws

The crumbs from our table

Fall to the floor

Love your neighbour and

Feed the poor


Complicit in crime

Prints on the ground

White snow

Concealing our tracks


Swallow the camels and

Strain at the gnats

This image reminded me of something Jesus said – ” Swallowing a camel and straining at a gnat” For me this image is this parable. The parable evokes a response. The Pharisees in Jesus time would have and did respond to Jesus with a Really?!!? They felt they were negatively implicated in his parables and sought to kill him. I can understand where they were coming from. In the OT God allowed them to be led into captivity because of their disobedience……they were now under the rule of Roman oppression so it was no gnat for them to disobey God’s laws, their salvation and the coming of the Messiah depended on it. So “really? jesus!” Jesus on the other hand said and did many things to the contrary, in fact he purposely broke the most important commandment of the Jews – the Sabbath. The law he said was created to serve the people….if it doesn’t serve the person – ignore it.

Being a parable I ignored the bit inside me that wanted to defend the church (even though the church isn’t even named) and realized that the crumbs at this child’s feet are mine. From my wealth I do give to the poor each month….and this is a good thing. But the poem I wrote above talks of a beast that preys on the poor. Who and what is this beast?

The world economy, the banking system, global finances are that beast – and we are all involved. We are the slaves of this beast and some of us even unknowingly worship it. The snow in the poem is a metaphor for the techniques we use to hide our guilt. When I did my tax a few years ago the account told me I was a very generous man….head swell. Our Lutheran church has an organisation that does wonderful selfless work overseas…another head swell…but really they are just crumbs at the feet of “sweat shop ” workers who in poverty keep our desires cheap. Pure white snow.

For my part I am buying free range eggs and fair trade coffee….I know it doesn’t sound like a lot and it isn’t but the power of this beast is one that we give it. We can actually fight for a more equal distribution of wealth…..but it his hard because my wealth is intricately interwoven in the life of the beast.

The first image was a no brainer….two people declaring their love for each other.

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