I am a Bigot But Don’t Admit It

A symbol on my forehead

And a sign on my hand

A relay baton

My world view

The unmoving bigot

The prejudice within

We all have a baton

But don’t admit it

We call it “faith”

And we pass it on


Mistakes of the past

Come around on the track

It is way to scary

When Faith comes along

So we

Club Her to death with the

Relay baton

1 Comment

  1. pure genius tapman. oops. sorry. Tapman. What a difference a little thing like a capital makes. it turns a lifeless mute blunt-force-trauma weapon into a living relating challenging world-chaning person. it turns the word into the Word.

    i thought of other batons, batons held by the authorities that beat down the protesters in selma alabama in the 60’s. but they rose again and the march toward compassion and justice continues.

    i guess… if the authorities and powers of your longstanding traditions hand you a baton, before you run with it, before you wield it (perhaps in righteous indignation. perhaps in fear) think twice. Before you hand it on to the youth, think twice. History has a way of revealing the truth and history has never judged baton wielding authorities very well at all.

    thanks Tapman.

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