Faith Like a Strong Thick Tree

Lord increase my faith

Help me believe

With roots embedded

Like a

Strong thick tree


A noble prayer

A prayer from lack

For we have a hole

A Jesus shaped gap

He is the answer

The salesman’s gimmick


Super Glue


The church is clever

It markets well

Finds a need and makes the sell

The glue is a drug

An addicts fix 

Marketing gurus

Fill our churches

Fill the gaps

Make it well 

Always certain

Always strong

Big wide smiles but always wrong


The cross is a gap that shouldn’t be filled


For in this gap 

This holy place

Where weakness doubts and pain


A seed of faith



From this gap

The unlikely

The unsightly crack

Hurts pains doubts


A shoot of green a bud of life



A man with certain faith is not a tree

Firm and thick

Probably just


“Christ is risen. He is risen indeed. We joyfully announce it. [And yet] I realize that my faith and unbelief are never far from each other. Maybe it is exactly at the place where they touch each other that the growing edge of my life is.”

— Henri Nouwen


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