The House of Dots

The Bible is like a photo album

It displays images from a long journey.


As we begin our own journey through this thing called life

We pick up the Bible to show us the way.

Charted by God it must be precise

We examine the verses and take the advice


Walking through grain fields

Healing on Sabbath

Spiritual travellers older than I

Abandon the map and I ask



You arrogant fool

The Word is our guide

He is the way

In darkness you stride.


The bible used thus is a wayward compass

Images are compelling

And black an white

An image is an image

An idol of gods.


The old and the wise have deciphered the pattern

Snapshots in history plotting a path

The photos like dots

all joined together

Speak of the journey

Not of the spots


On this Journey

The fire will come 

The old and wise rescue

The album

The foolish too busy

Protecting the house

The house of dots

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