The Scapegoat

A crowd has gathered around a young man. They push him to the ground, they spit on him. A few people take turns at hitting him with sticks. He doesn’t fight back, he curls up at the side of the dusty road in a foetal position. A man kicks him in the back, then plants one into the back of his head. A woman bends over and sets fire to the grass next to him, the flames erupt in the hot summer air and the man rolls on the ground in excruciating pain. His shirt melting into his blistering, charred skin. They pick up stones…….

It is better that one man dies for the people (John 11:50) than for this gay man to undermine the strength of our families and our faith.

The scapegoat


It is the same whether it is


A virgin


A lamb


 The Christ

Or the other


Blood is released

Wrath is appeased


A dog returns to its own vomit


Follow God to the letter

Forget the new

The old is better


I desire not sacrifice


Oh but we do




Forgive them


Know not what they do

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