Some Think


Terrified and alone

Under the guise

Of what can safely be revealed

I lash out 


Acted out from



I feel ashamed


Who am I

Under that



Lines etched in pain

Deep in the skin



They tell my story


They are me


The fear hits me in the silence

In the shelter amongst that which is hidden

Fear in the rhythm of my

Pulsing heart


A big bass drum


As quick as it started

It suddenly stops


Is it the pause

the absence of noise

that IS


My religion

My family

My culture

My ink


Who is left once I have them removed


Am I actually just



Or dare I believe I am something 




    1. I wrote this after an argument I had – I responded in defence. The latter part of the poem is a continuing theme in my mind – religion will forgive – which is great, but it seems to me that it concentrates on the sin and misses the problem. Someone once said and I can’t remember who – that the pauses in music are just as important as the sound, if not more so. This was a profound insight which is becoming more real to me. if we can’t separate the true self from the one we believe to be true, we are destined to respond in defence of it. My tattoo tells me I am a moral good person, when someone challenges my goodness I respond in defence…which isn’t always so good. If I just am without my tattoos of religion I have nothing left to defend. Kinda hoping I will get there one day. A long answer…could have been much longer cheers

      1. Thanks for the invite, will certainly pop into your head… Atm it is 1.30 in the morning so I think I will do this in the morning over a coffee cheers

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