My last couple of posts have been like a whirlwind for me – I know that some people following along who don’t know my background or the background of the Lutheran Church of Australia may have looked at my post a bit perplexed as to what exactly am I talking about.

A tiny bit of background information – Churches put out statements – some people may think that these statements are not all that important, I tend to disagree. What we believe has a profound effect on how we relate in society. For instance there is a direct link between religious attitudes of headship in the family and domestic violence/abuse. Of course the statements are not the only factors involved but these are remnants of ancient and middle age thinking that keep women in a supposed “God-given order for society”. In 1973 our Church put out a statement about homosexuality which mirrored the Christian view of the time – since then, the statement has actually been removed due to pressure from concerned people. I like to think I had some involvement in applying this pressure. Over the last 8 years or so a group called the CTICR has met to find a Godly way forward on this issue. A friend of mine came around and left me with a copy of the latest draft put together by this body.

On one hand I wanted to remain silent, because I don’t want to get drawn into the game of trying to twist scripture to prove my point – because that is all it is, a game. But it is a game that needs to be played because once a majority of people believe that the “Bible says” – new and better statements will be made.  If I don’t speak out…….who will?

I am not sure of the best way forward and I struggle to formulate words which respect the opinion of others. The document does give myself, and other like me, a back-handed complement – it acknowledges that people of differing opinions are making an honest attempt at reading scripture – but the overall gist of the statement is an accusation of bias. Bias towards friends or family who are Gay. I wrote a lengthy response and deleted it…….and wrote a poem instead:





I stand accused


Fingers pointing at my scared





Deceived of Satan

Read scripture with a bias

That is the charge

How do you plead

 I stand in the sunlight of guilt

 Like a flower in rays of warmth

 I do not wilt

 I am not ashamed


Guilty as charged


The bias on a ball turns it one way

White robes of wisdom skillfully bend towards the jack

The crime that hides behind a veil of smoke and mirrors

Is not the bias


But the lack


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