The Natural Order

Hi again world – I hope I didn’t scare you with my last post. I was getting a bit paranoid. The “amount of views” meter shows that not many people were interested. This may or may not be the case, I just often wonder why sometimes no one looks.

My thoughts have remained on the document that has been placed in my lap – our churches latest look at the issue of “homosexuality and the church”  My last post was an initial reaction – this one not much different – but I hope you will stick around.

There is a story in the Bible where a Prophet approaches King David with a story. It is an unusual episode in the Bible because David actually listened. The story revealed his guilt and instead of having the Prophet beheaded as was the norm – he repented.

It is fascinating and scary to contemplate how well we justify ourselves to ourselves. The law is a great place to hide, it provides lots of holes in which to hide. Jesus shines a proverbial floodlight into these hide outs with his “you have heard it said but I say” statements.

You have heard it said: ” I do not hate gays” but I say to you  that any one who says “you can not marry”  does hate gays.

You have heard it said ” I am not a homophobe… I even have a friend who is Gay” but I say to you : as long as we are scared to accept them into FULL communion in our churches you are a homophobe.

Why was it so hard for the religious people to hear Jesus? Because they had the Law and the Prophets. Similarly today our religious leaders are not listening because they have the “Law and the Prophets”.

To illustrate simply how generational delusion works I highlight again the first dot point that has guided the CTICR in this document I have before me.

1. Natural law

now listen to the lyrics of this familiar hymn – “All Things Bright and Beautiful”

verse 3

The rich man in his castle,
The poor man at his gate,
God made them high and lowly,
And ordered their estate.

The hymn points to a natural order of things. Two hundred years ago I would have been hung as a heretic for questioning the natural order of God himself. Is it a surprise we have quietly dropped this verse out of our hymnals.

Dear Church this natural ordering process you hail as a light unto your path has proved to be an embarrassment time and time again.

The uncomfortable verse of today in which we place Gay people outside of the natural order will soon be quietly forgotten. Any attempt to read scripture with the first dot point already revealing an unbreakable bias is an absolute nonsense.

The only thing natural about this order is that the Powers and Authorities of this World will always fight to maintain the generational delusion in fear of their own power base.




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