Proof texts like bullets penetrate flesh

An ugly distortion

Of sacred text


Words are the bullets


Your right to bear arms


Find the words

Remember the verses


Safety off



Your dead


Sola Scriptura

It only takes one bullet


This poem was a hearfelt sadness that I felt when I began reading our Churches latest statements on homosexuality. The exact wording that I read was this: the Bible is……“the only source and final authority for the teaching and practice of the church and lives of Christians” I understand the sentiment behind this statement……it sounds so good. Didn’t sound so good for the slaves that were and are being held in submission by the Word. Scripture alone is a deceitful and manipulating statement, the one bullet of my poem.

Jesus in the desert is used as a proof text to confirm our need for proof texts – He uses the Bible to fight the temptations of the Devil….”It is written!” Interpreted this way we miss the entire point of the text. The gun is not pointed at a “Devil” somewhere out there – the gun is pointed at himself. As we engage in reading scripture we tend to point the gun towards others, reading the text from the perspective of myself and how does it confirm my view, and how can I use this to defend my view.  Reading the text with the interests of another is not so easy to do – Jesus struggled with this to the point of sweating blood.

Religion in may ways is behaving like the “Gun Lobby” and pointing to a phantom “created order” – a law that establishes the patterns of this world. Heterosexual Males at the pinnacle of this order – wielding the undisputed Elephant Gun of the Word.

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