Nudism – The Way of Jesus

I’ll start with a simple question. The answer is actually quite obvious and opens up the topic of this post.

When engaging in Spiritual Warfare – or put another way – When engaging with the Serpent that was mentioned in the story of Adam and Eve, where is the battle fought? Quite simply, the battle happens in our mind.

Our mind is a real place. So real in fact that it has been given a geographical location: “The Garden of Eden” As a story about the origins of the universe, Genesis has limited value – it was never meant as a scientific explanation. But as I will try and show, as an allegory for the Genesis of the human mind and its separation from God there is great value.

God walks freely in the Garden. In the garden of our mind we are told that we were naked. In this nakedness an unashamed communion with God existed.

Early on in our lives, every single one of us “leaves” the garden. We don’t physically leave, we are not “out of our minds”  But for our protection on this journey, God provides us with clothes. God is still in the garden of our mind, he never left, it is the dressing up that hides us from our original nakedness and communion with God. Perhaps the dressing up could well be compared to the veil that blinds people from the Gospel. I think this is worth thinking about.  Our mind creates for itself an image of self. This is no longer the naked self. The clothed self tends to divide between Good and Evil as the serpent suggested  in the beginning. It is a dualistic way of thinking – Good and Evil, Us and Them and thrives on law as a means of division.

God placed me in Australia shortly after being born in Finland. I have felt really blessed with these clothes. I chose the clothing of my heritage and have been blessed by God as a Lutheran. I read the other day on facebook about a Scottish person who said being Scottish ran deep in his/her veins and hearing the bagpipes brought tears to the eyes. Others are born into Muslim or other religions or cultures  – a blessing and a clothing of God. A lot of the violence in this world is due to the fact that we have been deceived by the serpent into believing that the clothed self is the one and only true self. We continue the sin of dividing people into “good and evil” as was the original desire.

What we are doing is merely comparing clothes.

The more effort that has gone into clothing the self the harder it is to undress – but undress we must – turning around and returning to our nudist origins is the point of all religion.

An interesting side note – if the Garden of Eden is an allegory for the spiritual journey of the mind – which I believe it is. That would mean that Adam and Eve may well be allegorical for the two sides of our brain. In our culture the left side of the brain tends to lord over the right side. That would mean my wife doesn’t have to be subordinate to me and perhaps may even be an equal, and it probably isn’t all her fault….naah that can’t be right.



7 Responses to “Nudism – The Way of Jesus”
  1. lcamyopinion says:

    ok. agreed. The garden is not a story removed form me… a story of long ago and far away… it is my story, my garden, my nakedness and lack of shame, my temptation, my hiding, my blaming. And it is a story that i am still living out. So… to describe the garden as my mind is as good an explanation as i have heard.

    so.. the clothing… is a blessing? I know that the clothing is provided by God by if our clothing is the superficial us, the partisan spirit, the us/ them mentality… then isn’t the clothing a cause of a lot of conflict? Isn’t the clothing a problem. Isn’t nakedness the answer? How is the clothing a blessing? What purpose does it serve?

    • Tapman says:

      My garden is very slow growing so I will think about your question – short answer – Jesus was a Jew and wore the proverbial clothes of a Jew, the clothes were not a problem. His Jewish Culture spoke of a Messiah that would come and destroy those nasty Romans so he had to rebuke the Serpent (undress) – get behind me satan. I think clothing is an inevitable consequence of being human – sin isn’t the problem, being human is. Like Jesus we need to find our identity in the Father and not in the clothes.

      • lcamyopinion says:

        “Identity in the father and not in the clothes”. hmmm…. ok… ill buy that! Still not sure if the clothes have value…

      • Tapman says:

        Neither am I to be honest – I think primarily they (the clothes) are what psychologists refer to as “Terror Management” – when the self comes to the ever present realisation that they are going to die, the self builds up ways of coping with this stress. Now the problem with this is that when someone challenges that which keeps yor terror at bay, the responses are often not so good. In dying to self however, other religions aren’t so scary any more – you are dead so you don’t need the terror amnagement.

        Still working it out myself, my last response wasn’t really mine – I read something similar in Eastern Orthodox theology which can’t understand our obsession with original sin – for them the problem is being human – and salvation is from the power of the Devil….and he manipulates using our our fear of death as a tool.

      • Clothing is not blessing at all. It is our way of hiding our real us. It is a way for us to hide our shame. And this shame has come over us because we are not clean any more, we do not have a pure soul or pure sanctified way of thinking any more.

        Clothing not only serves to cover ourselves to secure privacy also serves as a covering against climate circumstances, because as fallible people we are prone to changes in nature situations and need protection against wind, humidity, warmth and cold.

      • Tapman says:

        Thanks for the comment, I agree that “clothing” does hide the real us – but was it not God that clothed our proverbial Adam and Eve? In my next post I will be talking more about this clothing – at the moment I find it hard to see a positive and a blessing in the clothing – although I feel it is not a curse from God but a protection. Hope you pop in and see my next post cheers

  2. The first man and mannin (1° Adam and Eve) were provide by clothes by God because they got to know shame, after they did not listen to God and did not keep to His commandments. They ate from the tree of knowledge of good and bad and as such came to know a difference of what was good/clean or bad/not clean or not pure. They mind came perverted by bad ideas and so they had to be covered. In case their ideas would stay pure they would not have to be covered.

    As you say the clothing became a way of protection, against bad thoughts or psychological unhealthy situations, but also mainly against unhealthy physical situations (against cold, humidity, wind)

    We look out for the next post.

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