Violence is for Pussies

Ladies – this post is not directed at you – but read on anyway, I think it worth hearing.

Men are fragile, violent men are absolute pussies!

To prove my point I want to explore some information that was given to me by a Pastor – maybe even thirty years ago – I wasn’t just walking along and this long-lost memory came jumping into my head, I was listening to a podcast that talked about the “Honour Shame” system. This knowledge went way over my head thirty years ago, but this time I came to a realization that this stuff is big, really big……… changing big. For those of you who have no background in social anthropology (neither do I) I will give a brief and simplistic outline of the “Honour Shame” system – as it relates specifically to violence. The system relates to every aspect of external behaviour, but for the sake of this post I will just pick on violence.

This system was the way of thinking during Jesus time and is still a way of thinking in many parts of the world today. We in Australia still buy into this thinking although we tend to deny it.

Honour is a possession, it is something you earn, it is something you can lose. In and of yourself you have nothing, no dignity, you are just a pile of shit. The male Psyche operates almost entirely to the influence of the outer world. Honour is earned in dominance, power,(status in church) wealth, an obedient family, looking good and in following the rules of the system. The system places immense pressure on the man to maintain this Honour because once it is lost no one will respect you and you feel like the piece of shit that you are. Honour needs to be defended.

This makes men very fragile, sense of worth and value is found in the external. It follows then that we have to defend the honour of our family, or our country ……………..which sets us up to be the pussies I referred to in the title of this post. The fragile pussy tries to growl like a lion.

I mentioned the pile of shit earlier on in the post for a reason. The reason being that I believe mature religion is the only way out of this entrapped way of life. Martin Luther once made a statement – “We are like a pile of shit covered in snow” Perhaps on some level this statement has some value, but for me it shows that religion has bought into the Honour Shame system, they have just changed the rules into religious ones.

One parable/picture Jesus gave us was that of little children – we need to be like them. I remember the feeling of sitting on my Dads lap, the confidence in his love for me was not something I could have put into words, because I didn’t even question my value to him. The same with my Mum, I remember when I was struggling with maths in a school that was academically focussed, Mum came into my room and there was the peace and confidence of parental love. I was not a pile of shit. The Gospel – the Good News is obscured behind our theories of original sin and unworthiness – The Kingdom of heaven is near, in us, it can not be lost or earned, it doesn’t need defended, you don’t need to follow twelve steps to find it, you just need to rest on His lap. Real religion makes real men and real men don’t need to be top dog and they don’t need to defend, especially with violence!

PS. Think of all the stories that Jesus told about taking a lower position, about not doing things for show etc. Jesus was talking to the Honour Shame system – a system which is one of the “Powers,Dominions/Authorities that Jesus flaunted and ridiculed on the cross


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