Don’t Go There!

My last post explored the theory of “original sin”. We tend to think of this kind of exploration as a no go zone. We have as we see it, an absolute and therefore any further exploration is asking for trouble. The Pharisees made this mistake when they stopped asking Jesus questions. They couldn’t handle the answers so they didn’t ask any more. They didn’t ask because they didn’t want to hear. (Luke 20:40)

So he who has ears let him hear!

There is this thing called “the created order”. I trust you’ve heard of it. This is another one of these “no go zones”. We dare not tamper with the created order because…………there are consequences!

As we all know, the creation stories are written by two, maybe three different people. There is the Elohist story (Gen1 – 2:2) and the Yahwist story which begins at 2:2. The two separate stories were probably put together by a third person to make up what we see and read today. The thing is, these two stories have been used to define  a no go zone. As I write this I realize this post may get a bit long – but I promise it won’t be boring – stick around, it will be worth it.

The first story in Genesis is about Adam and his first wife. God created man and woman together from the dust of the ground. Adam’s first wife was called Lilith. Apparently she wouldn’t submit to Adam in the appropriate way (something to do with positioning while love making) She was thus turfed out of Eden leaving Adam without a wife. Here comes the second story, the story of his next wife – created from his rib – finally he has a wife who will submit to him as the created order is firmly established. We don’t hear any more about Lilith until Isaiah 34:14 where she has become a demon who predominantly feasts on children before they have been circumcised. She also seduces young men in their sleep thus causing wet dreams.(night emissions were a no go zone, semen was valuable and not to be wasted)  True or not, Lilith gets a mention in the Bible and that can’t be wrong! (Some translations call her Lilith, some the night hag or “night demon Lilith” or night monster.)

The point is that people at the top of the proverbial ladder always seek a created order to maintain their position. We may well laugh at Jewish folklore which narrates the story above……but sadly we still carry on with the same domination technique everday as we allow our church to appeal to the created order and deny our women equal status and privilege.

The post  wasn’t as long as I was anticipating, hopefully you don’t feel ripped off – next time someone mentions “the created order” remember  Lilith the night Hag.


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