Dangerous Games we Play

There is one game that Christians all tend to play – I feel I can pick on them because I am one.

There is one game with several subtle variations – whichever version is engaged, no matter, it must be said that all such games are damaging.

The name of the game is “Thus saith The Lord”. We may know this as “Let’s see what the Holy Word has to say” or “We need to submit to the authority of the Word” or even “The Bible says so”. We see the damage done most obviously in all forms of fundamentalism. This is of course a problem, but while we pat ourselves on the back and say “Atleast we are not like them” we ignore the damage we ourselves are doing. A good example of obvious damage is found in the Bible – we see that even the writers of the Bible were engaged in this dangerous game. One of the heroes of the Bible as listed in Hebrews was a guy called Jephthah. It is recorded that under the influence of the Holy Spirit he made a vow to sacrifice whatever/whoever came to greet him when he returned from battle. (If you give me victory I will give you sacrifice) Unfortunately for his daughter, she was the first person to come out to greet them. Obedience, committment, strong faith – Thus saith the Lord. His virgin daughter was sacrificed to our God, and our Bible holds him up as a hero. This is dangerous stuff.

On a slightly different level there are oodles of different schools of thought that claim Biblical (thus Godly) principles. For example, the Bible is used as a reference by Christian People with a passion for healthy nutrition, for child rearing, marriage counselling or conflict managment. The idea being that God’s Word the Bible is a road map for life. The truth I believe is that this is all part of the dangerous game we play. Using the Bible to support the “ego’s” view of the world and how we think it should be. I think it noteworthy that Jesus, whom we credit to be a great teacher, spoke only in parables and imagery. I think maybe he did this because he could see through the dangerous games we play. The way of the ego, the self that is time bound, culturally bound. The self that is bound by world views, theological views, the self with the need to control and to claim truth, the self with tribal baoundaries and inbuilt strategies for survival. As we have seen in history, claims of truth, one and only truth are a strong basis for powers and authorities of this world to manipulate and control. Dangerous stuff.

So what actually is the damage done by the innocent pursuit of “seeking guidance” from the bible?

Is it possible that by doing so we delay the inevitable. The collapse of our inadequate agenda’s.


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