The One Way Sign – Lets Anchor to That!

My last post about being born again is a recurring theme in my head….possibly in my blog posts as well. I have literally stumbled upon…..fallen into a truth that needs to come out. And how do you reveal a truth? You talk about it.

Now the problem with this is that the moment I say I have found a truth, it is really easy to then assume I am exposing a lie. If I am the person that is believing the “lie” I  will get defensive and no-one wins.

I went to a talk by a Christian Mathematician who was discussing the topic “Do science and religion agree?” – he was a smart guy who had debated with many of the worlds smartest people and he put forward a simple mathematical problem. It went something like this: The three largest monotheistic religions all believe in Jesus as a prophet, we all believe that he died….only Christianity believes that he rose again. Therefore according to this maths genius…we can not all be right. The evening went down hill from here, ending with a joke about athiests, and the predominantly Christian audience errupted into applause. It was at this point I felt sadness, there was a burst of “unity” with a common enemy – a right and a wrong, a good and an evil.

The Bible has many sign posts, and they point to great depths….I am convinced of this. One of these sign posts tells that we have all sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. What does it mean by sinned? Perhaps a topic for later – I think this speaks to our mathematical problem above….Is Christianity right and the others wrong? No, listen carefully……we are all wrong. Another sign post says “Jesus is the way” so we point at other people and say there is only one way so you must be wrong (and I am right). Sign posts make good anchors, tie the boat off to this one and we will be safe from drifting. But sign posts point to something, they point to somewhere, somewhere we must go. This sign post doesn’t talk about others, Jesus is talking to me… “You are not the way”

I don’t know about you, but I was brought up Christian and one of the things that spiritual leaders taught me was that when reading the Bible it is good to see it as talking to you….the moment you start using it to bludgeon others, your probably going astray. I say this to emphasize the above point – I am not the way.

I made an observation years ago, when listening to sermons I would say in my mind “I like that point, I agree with this one” later “I don’t like this point, I don’t agree here” I realized that I was the final filter as to what I believed and what I didn’t. In other words I was the way. Theologians have been aware of this problem for ages….our own church has recently spent thousands of dollars on discussing “hermeneutics” they realize we have a real dilemma in hearing what the Bible says because we all have our own particular cultural, religious, time bound biases that we bring into our scripture reading. Theologians hope to find a hermeneutic…. a formula by which we can read scripture in a way that bypasses our “me filter”. Although I believe intellectual pursuits in theology are important, it also needs to be acknowledged that any pursuit is inadequate. We know that Jesus said to religious leaders that they were missing the Messiah by trying to find him in the scriptures. All religions are important and provide a base to grow on, and hold societies together, but all religions, including Christianity are sandcastles in ourselves that need to fall. The call of religion is loud and clear, and dare I say it obvious…..repent, be transformed, crucify the old nature, die etc etc But religion itself, (I speak now about Christianity) has set itself up to prevent this happening – the castle our “me filters” have constructed are our security, and they must maintain the illusion of strength. We have tied our anchor to the one way sign and rest in safety, but we don’t dare to untie and go where Jesus leads.

So what I am saying is not that I am right and someone else is wrong, by default we all are born into religions, we all grow our own egos, proffessions, self worth or lack of it etc etc -some are born Christian, some Muslim some into athiest families. We all feel from our own “me filter” that we are right and the other therefore has to be wrong….the point is, as Jesus tells us, we are all wrong. The image of self, the image we have of truth and of God and where we fit is exactly that – an image…..a deception. I said in my last post that spirituality is in a downward direction, I say it again, but add that spirituality is about recognizing the “me filter” that everyone is born into and recognizing it as inadequate. It is firstly about un-plugging from a matrix of deception. This is a horrific thing – this is why people fight wars and have Jihads and call for people to return to Biblical principles, this is why women are not permitted to do a whole pile of things, and why we struggle to accept homosexuality – the realization that your own security is a deception is a terrible thing and we fight against it.

Living life unplugged from the matrix of World Views, religions….the patterns of this world is the start of spirituality. I believe that now- in this current climate – is a great time to hear this message of the kingdom.





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