The Opponent

Outside of religion

Removed from the board

I see sin as the pawns

That we kill in vain

Pawns on a chess board part of a game

Death makes its move and thousands a slain

Slaves to this power and moved by this will

Pawns being the enemy that we are taught to kill


Religion a blanket to keep us warm

But also a cover not to be worn

In the darkness

Black on black

Arms flailing wildly

Fighting blindly


Captive to the fear of death




One step forward

Two steps back


Death the opponent with his evil grin

Kill the pawns

You can not win

Holding a blanket

Sucking a thumb

Fear holding back from what must be done.


Like Harry Potter – you must die

This poem has been a hard one to write – I guess it felt forced – manufactured if you like. What I have tried to show is the inadequacy/blindness which the Christian religion seems to be stuck in.  With a huge focus on “original sin” we display something that kinda looks like humility but to me is looking more like self abuse. We as human beings have a spark – perhaps the breath of God’s Spirit that he blessed us with in creation – and I think we offend God when we grovel on the ground telling him what despicable worms we are. As we focus our energies on fighting sin we lose sight of the fact that the enemy is a trinity – sin, death and the devil. As we move pawns around on this imaginary chess board (sins) we have no real impact on the game because like puppets we are led by our slavery to the fear of death.

If we die, there is no power that can openly manipulate – we can be free to love, a love that casts out all fear.

The frustration here is that religion is a warm blanket and we deceive ourselves into believing that fear doesn’t manipulate us – all the while  demonstrating the fruits of this fear. (the fear that we deny having)

The question needs to be answered – what does this slavery look like? Because as we know from Harry Potter, until life is laid down willingly – the enemy is strong. We need to make a move that goes agaainst all intuition – stop defending the King and let him die – it ends the game and the opponent has no levers left with which to manipulate.

The King is I

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