Second Thoughts

Hi again.

When I wrote the poem last week…….. press here if you haven’t read it, I was actually quite rushed for time. I have had a bit of time to re-read what I wrote, I have received some criticism – so I thought I would add some thoughts onto what I have already written.

The most telling criticism was the fact that a Lutheran discussion forum “Table Talk” deemed it inappropriate and deleted it from the forum…….It is offensive though, you agree? I think the lack of “likes” speaks for itself.

Sadly, it is one of my favourite creations atm – not because I think the content great but because what is not said is of great value.

Imagine how a girl would feel after being “picked up” at a night club – used for sex and then dumped when the drug induced blur subsides. Her beauty unnoticed, ignored and insulted by a lust that fears relationship.

God is that girl – God feels those emotions as we “pick her up” with our “beer goggles” on.

What are these beer goggles?


There is two ways we could look at this:

1. The Bible paints a picture of God – the Bible is inerrant and infallible because it is the word of God. So it follows, even if we don’t like the picture the bible paints of God we are still to love her – because that’s what the bible says.

2. Man has painted a picture of God – many things in the bible are man’s view of God and I will go as far as to say “wrong”.


Point number one is a sure way to a “beer goggle” approach – get offended if you like – but come back and think about this for a minute, we all do it. We read scripture and notice things that just don’t add up, are conflicting, wrong, things that play on our minds – but we turn to the quick answers of religion – God isn’t bad, we have a free will……we could list any number of pet answers that serve to “beer goggle” God and try to make her look more attractive – so that we will “pick her up”.

The problem is there is a growing number of people, in and out of the church who see all this from a different view and are disheartened – seeing the blindness and shallowness of a beer goggle faith.

Point number two is too scary for the conservative/fundamental church to imagine – The bible is a foundation – to question any part of it would crumble the foundations……..reminds me of a cartoon. Excuse me for a minute I will go and google it and see if I can find it for you.


The cartoon is by “Naked Pastor” I believe I am OK to post it here. I love his work btw.

This fear began with the theories of evolution, many still can not face facts and feel that letting go of the Genesis stories as being factual accounts of creation would result in a complete crumbling of our faith. Others make excuses – “one thousand years is like a day to God, it still happened but the days are not literal days” etc.

The point of this post is not to go into great detail about these types of things, but to point out that a “beer goggle” approach to faith is harmful.

Point two is going to be a problem – but I do not believe that killing babies is a good idea even if my God tells me to do it.

“A god of abuses needs our excuses” is the title of a poem I haven’t written yet.

I am on a journey, and believe I have taken my “beer goggles” off, I want to look at God for who she really is – because I believe her beauty  is beyond any words or imagination of man. To be honest though, I am searching, not sure where or how to look, I am disillusioned, disheartened…..but quietly confident – God is Good







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