Beer Goggles

If it weren’t for the goggles I wouldn’t pick up

Squelchy carpets

Thumping music

Sleazy people

Wanna root?

Goggles on

What a place!

Friendly people

Chicky Babes!

Beer Goggles and religion

Much the same thing

Obscuring your judgement

Impairing your vision

Morning breath

Pounding head

Need to piss

What the Fuck?

Who are you?

Don’t call me

I’ll call you

Infallible truth, inerrant word

The mind it boggles

Read the Bible

But remove the Goggles



I feel as though I need to explain this poem. It is offensive, and deliberately so.

The poem is a reflection on Judges 11 and the list of heroes we find in Hebrews 11.

There is a lot of ugly stuff in the Bible.

Jephthah’s faith is commended because he sacrificed his virgin daughter as a burnt offering to our God, yes the very same God that we worship. (Unless you can find something else he has done?)

The world looks on at a bunch of closed minded, goggle wearing freaks that are in bed with a very ugly God. A God so wrathful that we need to be saved from him.

What has happened is that in our defense of biblical inerrancy we have put on goggles that make bad things look good.

You will hear people defending the beating of slaves and telling us that biblical slavery was not like real slavery. Or that marrying your rapist was best for the girl in that culture because she would die otherwise……  beer goggles, mature religion takes them off. These things are bad.


  1. And without the goggles we see the loving God who loves us unconditionally no matter what….

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