The World is a Fiend

We are taught to shun the world as one  been bitten

Shackle the flesh and ignore the passing

Patterns of God or truth re-written?


Truth is plain

In front of our eyes

Read instinctively in what has been made

The bonds of family

Friendships secure





Life and death both intertwined

Patterns of God, truth for sure

The world is our friend

The “world” is a fiend

Which is it?



This poem is a reflection on 2Cor 4:4 which talks about the ruler of this world. It seems that most people interpret the ruler to be satan and the world the place of his dominion.

This is mixed up and actually a crippling way of thinking for a follower of Christ.

The patterns of the world are the “rulers of this world” personified – and  here is the bit that hurts – much of Christianity follows the ruler of this world.

The poem is a challenge to re-think our views of the world – the world that Jesus entered in the flesh – the world that He loved.

Disgust and distance is not holiness.

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