Repent and be Saved

Amazing Grace, how sour it be

Promised sight, but I still can’t see

Love undeserved and a gift that’s free

Demands a payment, impossible for me

Forgiveness bought and love that is traded

In mans own image

God was created


The fires of hell scorch my parts

I’ll return to my father to save my arse

Love so amazing so divine

What a farce

In mans own image

God was created.


Repent and be saved

I can do neither

In arms of love

I can do either


  1. Thank you again for a lovely poem. Your poem reveals a truth that many have discovered as well. God, who is LOVE, has been made into this horrid travesty presented by the churches. There is more love, grace and salvation available for us sinners in the secular world than in the LCA.

    1. What you say about love and salvation being available in the secular world is an interesting statement – you would be shot down in flames making it in Christian circles – the world is the devils domain. Truth is, Jesus is a misfit – just doesn’t fit in…… in religious circles. Fear of the world is a fear of Jesus. (Have to think about this last sentence) Anyways, thanks for the encouragement.

      1. You speak truth again. I have been shot down in flames in some Christian circles, especially the narrow, fearful, fundamentalist sections who, as it happens, are the same people who claim that God loves us all BUT not you, nor you, or you because you have not conformed to some standard nor earned your free Grace yet.

        I believe that they fear Jesus so much because he invites us to get to know God, and once you have experienced God’s love and grace in your own life, you just know that all their theology, rules and regulations is a load of b…! Just as Jesus knew (which is why he got killed by the church elite). I am happy to walk besides Jesus, at the edge of the church, derided by church authority. Oh what a lovely and free space it is indeed!

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