Acknowledging The Hole

I am not a musical person, I don’t generally listen to music and I don’t go to concerts………but I did go to a U2 concert in Perth a few years back. With my knees warming the ears of the man in front of me (the seats were cramped and on a high angle – generally my knees are not anywhere near a strangers ears), with my back in spasms of pain and my bum numb, my wife and I decided that we would go and sit at the back of the stadium on a concrete ledge. This was all before U2 had even appeared.  The highlight for me was when they sang the lyrics – “and I still haven’t found what I am looking for” I don’t have religious experiences often, and not real sure whether I ever have, but the numb bum and the hysteria of the crowd may have sent me to a place where God is. I was struck by the honesty of this song – I believe the writer was a Christian – what kind of Christian would have the honesty to enshrine words in lyrics that say “I still haven’t found what I am looking for”?

I remember going to a Lutheran retreat many years ago, this one focussing on spiritual gifts. On the final afternoon a Pastor came in to “wrap up” the proceedings and he asked the question : “Does anyone feel as though there is something missing in the life of the church?” The camp style dining area which we used for our meetings, was full of Christians representing every age bracket and every congregation in our district – I believe they were being honest – they all put their hands up……something is missing.

This is a universal feeling, we know it is. Why else would we sell Christianity as a  plug to fill the Jesus shaped hole in our hearts? It is the human condition – all I really want is to have my mortagage paid off, we just need to focus on prayer, if only I had a telescope with a bigger aperture,  we need to return to biblical principles then things will be better, a reliable car would make my life better, we need to be filled with the Spirit……..

This is the beginning of the track I was talking about in my last post –  before we go any further we need to acknowledge this hole we have……whatever shape it is.

The track we are about to follow is a four wheel drive track, if you want to experience life whizzing by at a hundred kilometres an hour don’t follow me. If you want to experience life to the full like John 10:10 proclaims – tank up your diesel and pack the swag. A lot of tracks come with a warning sign – “Four Wheel Drives Only” I feel it only fair to warn you dear reader, that the following posts remind me of the movie “The Matrix”  I feel the need to offer you a red or a blue pill – I am hoping you are ready for the red pill – taking this pill will change your perception on reality…forever. Just like in the movie, the heroes have taken the red pill and have awoken to a world of computerized parasites that hide the reality of the world (via the matrix) and use humanity as a battery to fuel the real world. Sound too unreal to be true…..take the red pill with me and find out.


2 Responses to “Acknowledging The Hole”
  1. Karin says:

    The hole that existed inside of me was God. It took me a while to realise that God was an optional extra at my church. Do not get me wrong, there is a lot of caring and fellowship at what used to be my church, but God? The wake up call came one day after having attended church and realizing that the restlessness had not been fed. Not only that, but that I was being fed more spiritually in my secular workplace than at my church.

    And Jesus asked, follow me! Follow me….that hole that needed to be filled…..

    I never thought that following Christ would require having to choose between the dogmas of the LCA and what I had been shown to be true (the hole).

    I took the red pill.

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