Acknowledging The Hole

I am not a musical person, I don’t generally listen to music and I don’t go to concerts………but I did go to a U2 concert in Perth a few years back. With my knees warming the ears of the man in front of me (the seats were cramped and on a high angle – generally … Continue reading

Consolation – and Other Big Words

Good Morning World! Some of you may know that I work as an electrician. The other day our work group received a complaint that we had left a whole pile of screws on the ground in the vicinity of a project we had completed. Had I been in charge of this job I don’t think … Continue reading

The Psychology of Religion Part 2

Hi again!  This post is the last in a series of four – It all began when I found a couple of books by a Christian Psychologist. “Unclean” and “The Authenticity of Faith” by Richard Beck. I have found the journey interesting, hopefully I have been clear in my presentation and you have been able … Continue reading

The Psychology of Religion

Hi again – It’s Saturday again. My last post was different to most.  In dismay I responded to a deletion warning on a site that was set up for the express purpose of discussion – which includes the discussion of  contoversial issues. Dismay that they would in fact stifle and censor one side of an … Continue reading

The Threat of Deletion

Hi again – it’s Saturday! I have made Saturday morning my Posting day – I got up early, entirely unsure about what to blog about until I received a threat of deletion. It’s not the first time – I had another thread deleted because I had some “unauthorized” links in them. I was asked by … Continue reading