Me Tarzan You Jane

Kids can be cruel. I was cruel. I remember my sister and I were visiting family friends, not sure how old we were….young enough to play games. There was a tree out the back so we decided to play Tarzan. The game was working well until our friends little sister wanted to join the game. Excluding someone is a type of bonding I think. It unified our little trio to exclude our friends little sister. She ran of crying to her Mother and we were soon told that we had to include her into our game. Oh well, if we must. We had a private huddle and decided what character she could play in our game. With smiling faces we announced proudly,  “You can be the ape!”    😦

She went away crying.

The conservative Christian Church is slowly changing its tune – it is not fully accepting scientific fact but it realizes that hate banners and exclusion are forbidden by God. Of course we need to follow the rules our parents have laid down for us so we are now telling the Gay people – of course you can join in our game! – and with all the pride of obeying our heavenly Father’s instructions we say “Of course you can play, we love you, you can be the ape!”


    1. Funny you should mention the “bearing false witness” commandment – the challenge is out there for someone to explain to me why. The way I see it (and history has it recorded) the media carried out a smear campaign against gays labelling them perverts and many other things. We now know that ther is more to the story. yet the church still persists with the “bearing false witness” from my perspective I see a church leader with a stone ready at hand

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